From our first consultation to the final slab, Allan and Ryan at Cromwell Kitchens have been nothing short of kitchen wizards. If Hogwarts had a School of Culinary Construction, these two would be the headmasters.

When they first walked into our outdated, well used kitchen and wasted space dining room (a relic from the 90s that even disco couldn't save), Allan and Ryan assured us they'd work their magic. They weren’t kidding. Their consultations felt more like comedy shows, with Allan cracking jokes while Ryan played the straight man, keeping everything on track. It was like having a kitchen designed by a stand-up duo who happened to be fantastic at their art.

The design process was smoother than our new quarts countertops. Allan’s eye for detail and Ryan’s knack for functionality were a match made in kitchen heaven. They even managed to mediate a few minor ‘debates’ between me and my spouse about countertop heights and drawer placements.

But the real miracle came during the implementation. We were prepared for the usual construction chaos, but Allan and Ryan orchestrated the whole process like a well-rehearsed cooking show. They didn’t just build us a kitchen; they created a masterpiece while keeping us entertained with their banter and DIY horror stories. Even our dogs became their biggest fans.

Now, we have a kitchen that not only looks amazing but also feels like a joyful space to cook, eat, and laugh in. If you need your kitchen remodelled and you want the process to be as delightful as the outcome, Allan and Ryan are your guys. Just make sure you have a sense of humour and plenty of coffee. Trust me, you'll need it for all the late-night 'design epiphanies' often sent to Allan at ridiculous hours!
James & Cheryl
Thank you to Cromwell Kitchens, Allan and Ryan.

PS. Thank you Kyle for your friendly pop in’s as well, always a delight.

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