About Cromwell Kitchens

Our Promise

Cromwell kitchens is a boutique Kitchen & Cupboards company In Randburg, Johannesburg. We provide quality kitchens, cupboards, bathroom vanities and studies to name a few. From Kitchens in Sandton to the DRC, we deliver uncompromised quality and cater to your specific needs.

Our mission is to bring your dream living space to life, whether it is your kitchen, your wine cellar or your living room we ensure that each individuals needs are achieved. We understand that your home is your safe space and we think outside of the box and offer our clients a curated and unique hands on approach by our team; which ensures that we are not only relatable, but tailor your unique needs and deliver to your satisfaction.

We take the time to understand exactly what space you want to create and bring you the highest quality service.

Our clients are welcomed with warmth and enthusiasm and we do our very best by going the extra mile and by creating a long standing relationship with our clients. Our aim is to take care of our clients and to help them reach their goals, no matter how big or small the design is.

Cromwell kitchens

Our Founder

Allan May

The founder Allan, born in 1955 Durban, migrated to Zambia and thereafter Bulawayo, Rhodesia. There he visited Miekles years later on a visit to see his mother and by the cafeteria saw beautiful Adam Bead furniture. He thought if he could get the furniture into SA, it would do well; it was too beautiful not to. From there he did his apprenticeship in electrical engineering but one day lying on his bed, skipping karate he asked God “what am I going to do with my life.” He got this jolt like an electric shock and in a split second telling him what to do and like Nike says: just do it. The furniture sales did not work out, but there were so many lessons learnt. From there he started off in kitchens and having no money, he did not have what he needed to start his own business – until a family member passed and left enough capital to start Cromwell Kitchens. “I started Cromwell 34 years ago with R30 000.” Fast forward years later, Allan has provided for a family of 6, and built the foundation for a profitable, trusted business. Cromwell has not only grown from strength to strength, but is now servicing clients all over Africa.